...is a grassroots company/movement started by two women who are passionate about the power of the voice. Out of a mutual love of music, and their commitment to creative expression, they joined forces in 2012 with the goal of bringing their ideas to the community. Together they help individuals find and liberate their true voice from self-consciousness and fear into their fullest creative freedom.


“Our vision is that Vocal Expression will serve as a mechanism for personal growth, communication, community building, healing, and creative freedom.”


What is vocal expression...


....is an interactive exploration and discovery of your voice and its full potential. We facilitate vocal and creative freedom within a structure through a variety of interactive exercises that foster improvisational singing outside of the learned song. Together, using rhythm, harmony, and tone, we help you uncover your innate musicality, exploring the wide range of sounds that can be made with the voice.


Although some special clinics will explore the performance aspect of singing more intensively, our "play" shops are especially effective with novice, and "non-singers." The work creates a supportive, fun, and safe environment in which one can learn to take risks and let go of the inner critic that blocks singing creatively. Through the practice, participants can discover more freedom and authenticity in their singing as well as develop their ability to listen, blend musically with others, and use their voices as an instrument of true expression.

What we do...


Depending on the individual's or group's needs we offer the following:

  • 6-12 week sessions

  • Specialized & customized clinics & workshops (professional singers/songwriters/corporate & group)

  • All day intensives

  • Weekend retreats

  • Community Outreach

  • School Clinics & Youth Programs

  • Seniors interactive

  • Intergenerational Programs

Who you are...


Vocal Expression is designed for shower singers, choir singers, closet singers, as well as professional singers, songwriters, musicians, actors, rappers, & spoken word artists. Basically anyone who loves to sing is welcome at our workshops!

Dawn & Sheila..." transformed a room of non-singers into a group of women gleefully expressing themselves in sound and song.
Everyone loved it!"

Upcoming Events

Jul 06, 2020

An introduction to music appreciation, expression and song for kids

Virtual Kids Summer Program

July 6-10, 2020
We will explore the various families of Instruments and how and where those instruments are played. We will introduce participants to basic rhythm and its important role in music-making. We will also be singing and teaching some fun new songs for everyone to learn and sing along!




Concordia University Department of Music

Room MB 8.135 (8th floor)

1450 Rue Guy, Montréal, QC H3H 0A1

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"It was fruitful and grounding for me.... A beautiful experience."
What's the buzz?


"Vocalizing and harmonizing with Dawn and Sheila is an experience that uplifts, connects and energizes all at the same time. It's so easy to feel comfortable with them in the generous space they provide for participants to open up and enjoy the music from within. There is no other class like it that I've ever experienced. I love to sing and and create music with others. With Dawn and Sheila as the groups guide, we all went to places with our voices that evoked new worlds. I feel lucky to have them as my teachers."
Dawn Ford - actor, voice over artist, singer, comedian


"I have had the immense pleasure of working with Dawn and Sheila during a few of their Vocal Expression workshops. They are both gifted and nurturing facilitators who compliment each others teaching techniques. From the beginner singer to the experienced singer, they focus their efforts mainly on 'the ensemble' creating an environment of harmony, solid support and expression. Individuals are encouraged to find confidence in their voice as an instrument through particular vocal harmonies, rhythmical beats and vocal sounds. These ladies are wonderful, generous and caring and each person simply resonates joy during and after each session. This 'organic style' workshop helped me in a tremendous way reconnect to my passion for vocal expression in all its forms and I was fortunate enough to land a huge musical project right after this first experience. I recommend this workshop to all singers and musicians, but especially to those who are afraid of singing, as they will witness a powerful and joyful voice unfold, and this will literally transform them!"

Anik Matern - actor, coach, singer


"Dawn and Sheila's energy and enthusiasm enlivened the Vocal Expressions workshop they facilitated at the Sedona Centre's Divorce Recovery Retreat last weekend in Montreal. The activities and exercises they'd prepared transformed a room of non-singers into a group of women gleefully expressing themselves in sound and song. Everyone loved it!"

Vikki Stark, M.S.W. Therapist/Author

Runaway Husbands: The Abandoned Wife's Guide to Recovery and Renewal


“I was recording an album and I hit a wall. After your workshop I went back into studio and I utilized all the tools I learned in class! I’m at a level that I’ve never been before. I would definitely go back to your workshops!

Bob Smith, Singer/Songwriter

"Each person resonates joy after each session."



Dawn Tyler Watson:
Vocalist, actor, songwriter Dawn Tyler Watson has secured a place among Canada’s Blues elite. She has been touring and performing internationally for over two decades. Her powerful stage presence has earned her numerous national and international awards. A graduate of Concordia University’s Jazz Studies Program, with a minor in Theatre, she also works as a musical animator with different age groups and cognitive levels. She has been invited to give masters classes and various workshops on vocal performance and improvisation in Western Canada, the US, and France. Dawn continues to tour extensively and has recently released her 5th album to much acclaim,. www.dawntylerwatson.com


Sheila Veerkamp:
Sheila Veerkamp has been teaching music since 1990 and has been the director of her own music school for over 18 years. She has a BFA /Integrative Music studies from Concordia University as well as a diploma from Fanshawe College where she graduated as a registered mental health worker. Sheila has also studied sound therapy with renowned UK therapist Peter Goldman. She has participated in and facilitated numerous song circles and choirs over the years, working as a music specialist and as a crisis intervention worker with various populations. When not teaching, Sheila is pursuing her passion for composition & songwriting and is currently compiling her second album of all original material.  






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